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The search for cosmological signals with the Fermi LAT  [pdf]

Dark matter from aeV to ZeV, Durham, UK, November 2016

Indirect detection and simulations, and data too  [pdf]

Dark matter in the Milky Way, Mainz, Germany, May 2016

Characterization of subhalo structural properties and implications for dark matter annihilation signals  [pdf]

GRAPPA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2016

Indirect dark matter searches [Circa 2016. A brief review]  [pdf]

APS spring meeting, Salt Lake City, USA, April 2016

The battlegrounds of gamma-ray detection of dark matter: the Galactic center and dwarf galaxies  [pdf]

COSMO 15, Warsaw, Poland, September 2015

The future of indirect dark matter searches  [pdf]

WIN 2015, Heidelberg, Germany, June 2015

The hunt for axion-like particles with gamma rays  [pdf]

Off-the-Beaten-Track Dark Matter and Astrophysical Probes of Fundamental Physics, ICTP-Trieste, Italy, April 2015

Search for gamma rays in dwarf galaxies with the Fermi LAT  [pdf]

SuperCDMS science seminars, April 2015

CDM halo concentrations and implications for substructure annihilation boosts  [pdf]

IBS/MultiDark joint focus program, Daejeon, South Korea, October 2014